EF - London Region Club Contacts

Hello, Welcome to England Fencing - London Region Club Contact List. We will use the information you provide to list your club on the London Region website (unless you select Private Club) and to send you information about competitions, training courses, grants, and opportunities.

If you have separate clubs on the same site, eg school club and a public club in the evening then list them as two clubs. If you meet in two locations you can choose to list a separate club or just list your main location but providing a postcode may mean you will appear on a map of clubs. If you have different contacts for junior and adult clubs then do the same.

You need to provide an email address for use by London Region, the same or different email for the public OR refer them to your website contact page.

We also ask for a contact phone number. If you prefix it with a P (for private) it will not be put on the Club listing.

The update of the website club listing is not automatic so it may take a day or two before it appears.

We are also interested to know if you keep a list of your member's email addresses that you use to communicate with them and whether you have a Welfare Officer

This list is intended primarily for Fencing Clubs in the England Fencing -  London Region. This region comprises the 32 London Boroughs plus the City of London. Other clubs may subscribe to receive training and other notices but will not appear on the London Region Club listing.
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Private Clubs will NOT be listed on the London Region website
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